The Fortress was built for the Russian Tsar’s army in the years 1852-1854. It was raised originally as a 3-storey artillery tower defending the citadel and seasonal military bridge over the Vistula River. After the Poland’s independence retrieve in 1918 it was renamed to “Fort Legionow” and used as the military archive. Despite the great damages of Warsaw during the World War, the fortress survived and in 1999 was sold by the Polish Army to private owners.
Since then the Fortress has been renovated, equipped with all necessary facilities and its courtyard has been covered with roof creating one of the largest banquet venues in Warsaw. Fortunately it kept its mysterious atmosphere and austere interiors making an offbeat background to various events, from gala dinners to exhibitions and concerts.

Area: 450m2 (courtyard) + 5 side chambers 100m2
Capacity: 300 (courtyard) + 600 (5 side chambers) in banquet arrangement; 1800 in cocktail arrangement
Equipment: stage, sound and lighting system, drink bar, kitchen facilities; any additional equipment available on request

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