The City Cycling programme in Krakow allows you to enjoy this magnificent city in a new, original way. While pedalling along the Old Town streets or Vistula River boulevards you will have a chance to visit most popular sites on the tourist map as well as places normally hidden for pedestrian visitors. Bicycle is also an ideal mean of transport in Krakow’s Old Town where car traffic is excluded.

Your route will encompass the medieval streets of the Old Town with the Main Market Square, University District, Royal Route and former city walls. It will further follow a cycle path along the Vistula River towards Kosciuszko Mound, the highest point within Krakow with wide views of the city, Vistula Valley and foothills of Carpathian Mountains.

Our well maintained tour bicycles will be delivered to your hotel. The tour is in groups of max. 15 participants, each group accompanied by the qualified city guide.

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