During our city game in Nowa Huta you will have a chance to feel the real spirit of communism times in Poland.

You will be brought to Nowa Huta by a historical bus or tram. Your visit in the „working class district” will start with a short sightseeing, during which you will learn about the local architecture and the system of settlements, which made each of them a self-sufficient unit if necessary. You will also hear about the fight of the Nowa Huta inhabitants to obtain the permission to construct the church, as the district was first designed as a “city without God”.

After the tour you will be invited to an old-fashioned restaurant, which take you back in time to the communist era. You need to be very careful, as in these turbulent times you might find yourself involved in the oppositionists’ plot and draw the militia’s attention on you! Once your conspiracy is discovered, you have to expect a lot trouble and who knows – maybe you will get arrested…

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