Malbork was once the formal capital of the Teutonic Order and home of the Grand Master. Founded in 1274, the imposing Malbork Castle was the Europe’s largest medieval fortresses and is still considered to be the largest brick building in the world. Being a masterpiece of medieval defensive architecture, the castle is listed as the UNESCO World Heritage site.

Its interiors impress visitors with the Gothic design and a large collection of amber artefacts, works of artistic handicraft and historic weapons.

The castle and its surroundings have been a venue for concerts, open-air spectacles and theatrical performances. The most famous event is the reconstruction of the historical Siege of Malbork, which takes place in the third week of July and attracts history enthusiasts, modern knights and tourists from the whole world.

Distance from Gdansk city centre:  63 km, about  1 h 15 min driving one way

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