Kazimierz, the historical district of Krakow lies south from Wawel Hill, within 20 minutes’ walk from the Old Town. It is best known for being home to the Jewish community for six until the World War II. Due to the traumatic events of war the district was deserted by its Jewish population and became forgotten and neglected for years. However, many of the buildings survived and were restored to their glory after the district’s revival. Today Kazimierz is again the centre of Jewish culture in Poland, as well as the Cracovians’ favourite meeting place with plenty of stylish cafes and clubs. It is also location of many festivals and events growing to an alternative cultural centre of Krakow.

To learn about the history of this place we recommend a visit to the still active Remuh Synagogue, Old Synagogue – now housing the historical Museum, as well as the Pod Orłem pharmacy, which was the only one functioning within the Krakow Ghetto area during the WWII. A must-see is also the Szeroka Street pictured in the Steven Spielberg’s film “Schindler’s List”.

After the informative tour we encourage you to sit in one of the charming cafes and contemplate the vibrant atmosphere of the place, that has been eventually revived.

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