The Wieliczka Salt Mine, inscribed in a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage list, is one of Poland’s most precious cultural and historical monuments.

The mine was built in 13th century and has been working continuously until 2007. In the medieval world salt was one of the most valuable goods, which made the mine one of the biggest and most profitable industrial establishments of that time. As such the mine was a financial pillar of the Polish Kingdom.

Over seven centuries of mining resulted in 240 underground passages and 2350 chambers carved in the rock salt. Each generation of miners also left sculptures and chapels, all made of salt, starting a tradition that is continued until present day.

The most impressive and beautiful of the underground temples is the Saint Kinga’s Chapel, which is referred to as the underground cathedral.

Distance from Krakow city centre: 14 km, about 30 min driving one way

Wieliczka Salt Mine meets the special interests of the visitors and offers several themed tours:

The Pilgrim Route

Miner’s Route

The Mine also offers a modern and fully equipped underground banquet and conference centre. The beautiful and unique chambers will be a perfect location of any event you like. more

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