Located at the heart of Wielkopolska (Greater Poland) region, Poznan is Poland’s second most important commercial centre after Warsaw, well known for the international trade fairs taking place here since 1921. It is also one of Poland’s oldest cities, being an important cultural and political centre of the Polan tribe long before formal establishment of the Polish state.

The oldest part of Poznan is the natural island of Ostrow Tumski, located a little outside of the present-day city centre. This is where you will find Poland’s very first cathedral: St Peter and Paul’s, dating to the 10th century and being the burial place of the first Polish rulers from the Piast dynasty.

Crossing the Chrobry Bridge next, you will enter the splendid Old Town, which was moved here from the island in 13th century upon rebuilding the town and is considered the actual city centre of Poznan. The Market Square, full of colourful and charming tenement houses, is dominated by the Town Hall, one of the most valuable Renaissance architecture monuments in central Europe. Here you can find the unofficial symbol of the city: the pair of billy goats, appearing every day at noon on the clock turret.

Along the charming streets you will get to the impressive Parish Church, a precious pearl of the Polish Baroque brimming with gilded ornaments and mouldings. Next on the route is the Franciscan Church containing a miniature model of the old Poznan. The model shows Poznan according to the drawing from 1618, featuring the smallest details like bricks and architectonical decorations, enabling you to recognize the still preserved buildings, like the Cathedral and the long non-existing ones, like the duke’s Castle. Further we recommend do discover the beautiful city of Poznan walking down the St. Marcin St. to the Mickiewicz Square, where you will visit the Collegium Maius building, the famous Opera House, and the magnificent Mickiewicz University. Afterwards take a tour round the Imperial Castle dating back over 100 years to the city’s German era and being the youngest castle of Europe.

Being in Poznan, you also should visit the city’s latest attraction – the spectacular commercial centre Stary Browar (the Old Brewery), located in the brewery building from XIX century. Designed to keep many of its original elements, the building is bold combination of architecture, history and modernity, as well as commerce and art.


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