The Riese Complex („Giant”) was one of the biggest military projects during the World War II and is the Lower Silesia’s most fascinating secret until this day.

Between 1943 and 1945 the Nazis built a great number of underground tunnels and shelters, designed most likely to hold factories, military equipment and headquarters Nazi command. The work has been abandoned with the defeat of Nazi Germany leaving the unfinished underground facilities and no documentation telling about it intended shape or purpose. Thus, even the actual size of the complex is arguable, while theories and myths about its character attract both researchers and  mystery-hunters. Today only about 45% of the construction had been discovered, the rest being flooded with water. Few kilometres of tunnels and several other places are open for visitors, offering them a fascinating lesson of history and memorable adventure.

Also the near Ksiaz Castle was supposed to be transformed into a prestigious residence for Adolf Hitler and connected with the complex with underground passages. The castle, which history reaches 13th century when the first stronghold was officially mentioned, belonged alternately to the most noble German and Polish families until it was confiscated by German Nazi during the WWII, reflecting perfectly the turbulent history of the region. Today you may admire its impressive architecture, explore the mysterious underground passages and get fascinated by its puzzling and eventful history.

Distance from Wroclaw city centre: 79 km, about 1 h 30 min driving one way

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